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Community Graphic Packs for Cemu

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Download Instructions

Only download the graphic packs from the buttons above. Please delete the old ones first before adding in the new ones.

Missing the resolution packs on this Github? That’s because we now automatically build the resolution packs. Follow the download instructions to download them for all the supported resolutions.

For Breath of the Wild specific help, please refer to this FAQ. For Graphic pack descriptions, please refer to this Cemu wiki page. For other games see ‘I need help’.

Keep in mind that all of these graphic packs are a work in progress.
If there’s a resolution missing it’s because it was done on purpose and the game natively runs on that resolution.
If you want Graphic Packs for < Cemu 1.8.0 you need to use legacy packs, which you can download here.

Games with Graphic Packs

I need help!

If you need help with the basics, follow the tutorial on the wiki. Afterwards, try checking the issues on the repo to see if an issue that you have found has been documented. If not, feel free to ask for help at the #gfx_packs channel in the official Cemu Discord.

Want to contribute?

If you are willing to help contribute, feel free to make a pull request with your edits. For beginners, please follow the tutorial on the compatiblity wiki. For getting into more advanced stuff, feel free to set up NVIDIA Nsight. Make sure that you’re using your fork of the repo, and that you update all resolutions that are available for that game.

If you need help with finding resolutions besides from 1280x720/1920x1080, Cemu Viewport Skimmer, GPU PerfStudio, or NVIDIA Nsight can help you do so. There’s currently no support for RenderDoc by Cemu.


Here’s only a few of the people that have helped to create these packs!

slashiee - 417 commits: 117,762 line additions and 131,299 line deletions.
Getdls - 31 commits: 30,136 line additions and 1,317 line deletions.
Darkemaste - 23 commits: 14,684 line additions and 747 line deletions.
JoelAlone - 17 commits: 22,529 line additions and 1,797 line deletions.
NAVras-Z - 16 commits: 32,854 line additions and 14,979 line deletions.
alexkiri - 13 commits: 18,432 line additions and 17,262 line deletions.
Crementif - 9 commits: 18,831 line additions and 14,792 line deletions.
Xalphenos - 6 commits: 312 line additions and 36 line deletions.
rajkosto - 6 commits: 503 line additions and 6 line deletions.
SwooshyCueb - 2 commits: 851 line additions and 990 line deletions.
runderscore - 1 commit: 21 line additions and 3 line deletions.
riperiperi - 1 commit: 103 line additions and 22 line deletions.
tails101 - 1 commit: 10 line additions and 0 line deletions.
Keelhauled - 1 commit: 99 line additions and 0 line deletions.
And the other people that have made pull requests or helped us test these!